My first communion!


There is a while I didn't post something on my blog. Lots of things happen since then, but most important was MY FIRST COMMUNION ... Grateful for all the people that helped me through this journey. I have to send a lot of love to my parents that support me throughout one of my best life experience. ...

KIDS with Personality!


“A lot of mothers will do anything for their children, except let them be themselves.” - Bansky How many of you beloved mothers are guilty of this? About you all! Oh yes, that's a fact, mothers are keen to influence their children personality. Or at list think they can. So, based on the chacracter of the ...



  Hello, hello world, it's a while I don't stay put and write something on my blog, but here I am, and this post is not about Vermeer's painting called "Girl with a Red Hat" but about me :). Even though I love Vermeer's masterpieces, my favorite from all "The Girl with a Pearl Earring", ( ...

Not the same Sunday in Florence!


This supposed to be just a blog post about a happy day in my own city Florence. Unfortunately after the terrible things that happened in the Center of Italy, and I am talking about the human loss and terrible disasters that hit my beautiful country caused by earthquakes, is very hard to act normal. Nothing will be the same. I feel so deeply said about this.

My Sunday also won’t be the same Sunday. When I’ll put the first steps into the church my mind will fly to “them”.

My prayers will go to all the families that lost their loved ones, their belongings and their homes.



I’m growing too fast ! Every time I meet people I haven’t seen for a while they say: ” You are so grown up Lucy! ” … And because I am growing up start the first NO , especially when it comes to clothes .

“Rebel doll is my nickname”