I finally got my first bicycle !!! You cannot imagine my happiness. On the other hand, cycling is the best thing. But there is something about Mom and Dad that doesn’t convince me. I think I know why .

And it wasn’t just a typical waiting-around-for-fittings affair, either. Instead, call it the ultimate playground of all casting calls, starting from the outside, where Phil Oh lensed the grand entrances of the insouciant-cool models-off-duty en masse, while photographer Sofia Malamute created editorial-worthy portraits of several of the stunners on the sidewalks.

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KIDS JEWELRY – New Project

Since I was very small, I used to sat next to my parents to watch them work . In silence I always tried to imitate them in the things they were doing. I was fascinated by their work full of drawings , flints of all shapes and a thousand colors .

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